Total Laser Care

  Here's How our TLC Works: Sign up your printers for Total Laser Care, and we will supply you with our premium quality toner cartridges at TLC prices. Included in the price of the cartridges is free on-site preventive maintenance. Our all in one program begins with a complete printer inspection, cleaning and tune-up. After that if anything goes wrong with your printer, we will fix it free of charge all you do is add paper. Total Laser Care Includes: Complete Laser Printer Tune-Up & Preventive Maintenance just add paperGuaranteed Performance for One Year For starters, when you sign up for Total Laser Care, our factory trained technicians will give your printer a complete 21 point tune-up. Our preventative maintenance service combined with our top quality, low friction toner cartridge will double the life of your printer, minimize

inconvenient breakdowns and improve print quality. Each of your printers will be recorded in our "Asset Tracking Database". This database can reveal valuable information allowing better management of your printer assets. If we find that repairs are needed to bring your printer up to peak performance, you pay only for the parts, not the labour. You won't find a more affordable way to care for your printing equipment.   Top Quality Toner cartridges at Total Laser Care Prices. care printer You will be supplied with Envirolaser's Canadian General Standards Board listed toner cartridges manufactured to OEM specification at TLC prices as you need them. And by purchasing great toner cartridges through our TLC package you'll be covering your printer's maintenance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why just buy toner when you can have umbrella coverage. Rather then paying up front for an annual warranty, the cost of our warranty is included in the price of the cartridges you purchase, whether your printers need one cartridge a month or a dozen.

After our initial preventive maintenance check-up, we'll fix anything that goes wrong with your printers, outside of manufacturer's scheduled maintenance, whether it be engine repair, paper jams, fuser replacement, you name it. Our authorized technicians will give your printers fast, on-site service free of charge for parts and labour.