The Legacy of Muse: The Myth Is Real

Throughout history, every great inventor had their Muse. Today, Muse is inspiring a new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists to a Golden Age of micro- manufacturing and community. Made for Makers and engineered for quality, Muse is the perfect combination of size, power, and price to make micro-manufacturing a reality in the growing small workshop movement. Built on a track record of five previous generations of FSL hobby lasers, Muse carries the excellence and reliability that comes only with market experience and success.


Cut. Mark. Engrave.
The three main functions of Muse - cutting, marking, and engraving - combine to create a huge array of designs and products.

Cutting Technology
Muse is the laser cutter micro-manufacturers and creative makers have been waiting for, and you can have it today. From creating original art to replicating pieces for rapid construction, Muse offers the best innovative technology on the market.

Marking Technology

Mark material using quick pulses of the laser to create sharp images from pictures or original art.

Engraving Technology
Muse takes engraving to a whole new level, creating pieces of amazing craftsmanship.


Built-in LCD touch screen puts intuitive, easy-to use features right at your fingertips.

Job History

Run tests and projects at the touch of a button.

Jog Head
Fully control the position of the gantry without a computer.

Power / Speed
Enter or adjust settings on the fly.

State-of-the-art optics and built-in camera features compliment functionality and technical design.

Translate hand drawn designs to working projects instantly.

More accurate alignment means fewer mistakes

Use any design software and implement with RetinaEngrave v2

Nothing to download. Run on your favorite browser.
Works for PC, Mac and Linux.

Wirelessly connect via a
Wi-Fi Router

Directly access jobs from a
USB Flash Drive

Directly connect via Ethernet cable


Design in Software or RetinaEngrave v2 Muse makes it easy to design in your favorite program and instantly transition to cutting your material. Use any design software, incluing 3D modeling programs, and bring your ideas to life with our exclusive RetinaEngrave v2 software 100% developed by Full Spectrum Laser.

Inside of Muse

Muse's versatility allows for an amazing variety of crafts and projects that can be accomplished with a laser cutter.
Whether you are making memorable gifts for your friends and family, or starting your own business, Muse is the power to create your mind's eye.

Rotary Attachment
Expand the possibilities with a Rotary attachment and engrave curved items like wine bottles and souvenir glasses.

Removable Floor
Break out of the box with a
removable floor for bigger projects
such as engraving doors.

Rise Rotor
Increase your z-height to fit
taller projects.

Personalized pickling jars, beer glasses, bottles, and more.

Tumbler Cups
Customize mugs and cups with logos, images, slogans, and original designs.

Curved Items
The Rotary greatly expands the range of projects by allowing curved objects to be engraved, such as bottles, rolling pins, mini-bats, and more.

Sleek, Modern Design
Work more efficiently with Muse's robust design features. LCD Touch Screen Interface puts the power of Muse at your fingertips. Achieve sharper alignment and translate hand drawings with an embedded camera system. Use the rotary and rotary riser attachments for rounded items. Go "out-of-the-box" with Muse's removable floor.

Tech Specs

45 Watt CO2 Laser
20" x 12" Work Area
Hi-Def Wide Angle Camera
Industry Leading Software
Mac, PC, and Linux Compatibility


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