HP Scanner Accessories

HP 3D Automatic Turntable Pro
A fast way to achieve a 360° scan
Work efficiently with automatic rotation of your object. Small and portable to fit almost anywhere and features a LED scan status indicator.

HP 3D Desk Scan Lever Pro
Durable, flexible mounting solution
Scan with confidence using this stable but flexible lever that improves scan accuracy by securing the scanner directly to a desk or work area.

HP 3D Calibration Panels Pro
Capture precise scans
Enable accurate and undistorted 3D data collection by calibrating the scanning software. Includes two glass panels with four grid sizes for scanning various object sizes.

HP 3D HD Camera Pro
High-resolution, precise images
An industrial, high-speed, full HD camera that captures up to 54 frames per second with incredible mesh density up to 2.3 million vertices per scan.

HP 3D Monochrome Camera Pro
High-speed; high-quality images
An industrial HD camera that captures up to 25 frames per second with mesh density up to 1.2 million vertices per scan.


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