Geomajic Sense 2

Make Sense of 3D
Transform the way you work with the best-in-class Sense 3D scanner. Fast, easy, portable and practical, the Sense offers full-color 3D scanning for use in your home, school and business.
Powered by Intel RealSense
The Sense 2 is the first USB-powered handheld scanner to use the very latest short-range scanning technology from Intel, the RealSense SR300 3D camera. Using HD color cameras and a highly-sensitive infrared projector, the RealSense technology allows a closer scan range and higher resolution than previous generation devices.
Supported operating systems
Windows 8 and 10, 64-bit

Scan volume
Min: 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m
Max: 2m x 2m x 2m

5.08(w) x 7.08(h) x 1.3(d) inches
12.9(w) x 17.8(h) x 3.3(d) cm

Operating range
Min: 0.4m
Max: 1.6m

Depth image size
640(w) x 480(h) px

Color image size
1920(w) x 1080(h) px

Field of view
Horizontal: 45°
Vertical: 57.5°
Diagonal: 69°

Spatial x/y resolution @ 0.5m

Depth resolution @ 0.5m

Operating temperature
10-40° C

Maximal image throughput
30 fps

Data interface
USB 3.0

Hardware recommendations
Intel® Core i5™ 5th Gen or better
2 Ghz or faster
RAM: 4 GB minimum
1280 x 1024 minimum screen resolution
2 GB available hard disk space

USB cord length
2 m

1 year


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